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My Writing Footprints

Some journeys start with the first step.  Mine started with the first word.

taken during a travel assignment at Hua Hin, Thailand

It all began with a diploma for a bachelor’s degree in computer science. From there I ventured to write in Foxpro  until about six years ago when I discovered a more powerful language. While dabbling with fiction, I found my literary works published in the Reader’s Digest ,  The Philippines Free Press, The Philippine Graphic, and several book collections and anthologies.  As a feature writer, I took flight contributing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Mirror, Cook Magazine, Meg Magazine, Action and Fitness Magazine and several other publications. I also explored the avenue of editing as I became editor for several publications including NoCurfew, Generation Pink, and MyTrabaho magazine. Presently, I am  Editor at Large of Rektikano magazine and a contributing editor for Speed Magazine.  From features to fiction, my writing path took an interesting turn to travel where I re-educated myself deep in the jungles of Loboc and down to the ocean bed of Micronesia. In continuing my quest for education, I earned an MFA degree in creative writing at the De La Salle University. I am just s a few pages away from publishing my first novel which earned me an outstanding thesis award in the same school. Still many roads lie before me, and to take up a new path, I have to leave others. So just recently I left my post as Editor in Chief of AsianTraveler Magazine to embark on perhaps what will be one of the greatest journeys of my life – parenthood.

And the road keeps on winding.

In this travelogue are my paper trails. I have around a thousand published articles, and in this blog are some of my favourites, mostly on travel and the rest about almost anything under the sun and even some short fiction.

Go ahead. Turn the page and go places with me.

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